About Mount CREO

Mount Creo is a personal blog focused on my interest in technology and coding. Below you can find some Q&A that will explain the purpose of this website and maybe change your approach to its content.

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Q: So what is this website about?

A: I created this website for three reasons. First I needed a playground for testing out if I can create a useful website, both in design and back-end management. Secondly, I enjoy coding! However I noticed that sometimes I forget how I solved certain problems and why I made certain decisions. Therefor it seemed only logically to write it down. Finally I spent quite some time finding the correct approaches for the problems. I hope these articles will save some time and provide an explanation for those encountering the same issues.

Q: I see quite some code on this website, is it correct?

A: Umhh, I don't think so. Maybe a little? Coding is just a hobby and while my educational background did have some coding in it, this only covered the very basics. Even that is a while ago by now! The code does what it is supposed to to, but might lack the finesse of a professional.

If it's correct coding you're after and are interested in making it your professional occupation, please take classes and buy some books on the subject. That said, I do believe my solving approaches to the coding problems are correct. The examples found on this website will give solutions and show the possibilities of the languages. So please, take what you can learn from it, but know that there certainly is room for improvement. Hopefully for some of you the articles will be interesting enough!

Q: Learn to spell!

A: Sadly, English is not my main language. If you see any mistakes, please let me know and I'll fix them.

Q: Your article was helpful! Can I thank you?

A: Great! A comment is always appreciated! Besides that, donations will help me cover the cost of hosting and maintaining this website.

Q: I think you did something wrong in your article!

A: Woops! Let me know in the comments section or using the contact form and I'll check it. Thanks!

Q: I feel like I have a good contribution to your content. Can I share it?

A: I would love some else's input. Feel free to contact me about it. As this website is not profitable, I can however not promise a financial compensation. You of course get credited as the author.

Q: Can I hire you?

A: If by the articles on this website you think I'm the guy for your problem, I'm willing to solve it for you. Go ahead and use my contact form at the very top of this page.